• Taught summer acting class for teens at Relevé Studios.

• Recorded the end voice over tag for a director’s commercial demo. (Click on the Girls Scouts one to hear my voice at the end!)

Nicole Baer finished editing my very first demo!

• Acted in one of the hardest and most rewarding film roles yet in AFI’s “Smoulder”. Thank you Silvia Gallini for your amazing direction.


• Left Caltech Public Events to be Manager of Relevé Studios

• Was cast as the lead in “Marital Bliss”, as USC graduated short film directed by Tony Cammerata.

• Played the Mom in a very short film called Coming Out for KevinandCheris Films.

• Joined SAG!! This is a huge deal to me. Big thanks to Jackie Geary at Act Now who helped me strategize this year and put me in Dana Olson’s workshop last October, which lead to the “Passions” booking this spring, which made me SAG eligible.

• Perfomed as Joy in a staged reading of “Shadowlands” at Caltech’s Playreaders.

• Performed in a staged reading of THE FANTASTICAL ADVENTURES OF MISTER DESTROYER VS. THE CODE at the Blank Theatre.

• Booked an role (under-5) as a caterer on “Passions”. Shooting at CBS Radford on March 2nd. Airing on NBC on March 29th.